My Journey as an Online Facilitator

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I wanted to share a personal story about my exciting venture into the world of online education as an Online Facilitator for a Software Architecture course.

Years ago, I contemplated whether teaching could be my true calling, inspired by the legacy of educators in my family. So, I took the leap and applied to be an Online Facilitator, thinking it would provide both additional income and the chance to quell my itch for teaching.

As I embarked on this new adventure, I quickly realized the distinction between a facilitator and a teacher. My role was not about lecturing or disseminating knowledge, but rather, to foster a supportive learning environment, manage schedules, respond to questions, and grade papers.

One of the biggest challenges I encountered was dealing with plagiarism issues. Early on, I caught a couple of students using automated tools to plagiarize from online content. It required a meticulous process to document and address these cases. As the weeks went on, more instances cropped up, demanding more administrative work than I had anticipated.

While it was eye-opening to be part of the online education ecosystem, the experience made me realize that this path wasn’t the perfect fit for me, considering my career and life stage. Nonetheless, it allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the vital role that facilitators play in supporting students’ learning journeys.

In today’s rapidly evolving world with the rise of AI, I can only imagine how much more demanding the facilitator’s role has become to ensure academic integrity and maintain the quality of students’ work.

As I reflect on my journey, I want to express my utmost respect and appreciation for the hardworking facilitators who dedicate their time and effort to shaping the future through online education. Your impact is profound and invaluable!

While my path may not lead me to a formal school environment, I am grateful for this experience and I look forward to exploring new avenues for personal and professional growth.

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