A Day Etched in Memory: 22 Years After 9/11

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Today, like many others, I couldn’t help but pause and reflect on the significance of this day, the 22nd anniversary of that fateful moment when America was brutally attacked. It’s remarkable how vividly etched the memories of that day remain in my mind. I may struggle to recall what I had for lunch yesterday, but 22 years later, numerous memories of that tragic day remain crystal clear.

I remember:

  • Sitting on my couch, glued to the unfolding news on the television.
  • Picking up the phone to call my boss, explaining the situation, and letting her know I’d be heading into the office shortly.
  • Driving to the US Bank tower in St. Louis, unable to ignore the eerie absence of planes passing overhead.
  • Feeling paranoid as I looked up at the skyscrapers, a constant, vigilant watch for any signs of danger.
  • Sitting in my cubicle on the 6th floor, contemplating escape routes should the unimaginable occur.
  • Overwhelmed by sadness, disbelief, and disgust at the senseless loss of innocent lives, and grappling with the profound question of what lessons, if any, could be gleaned from this tragedy.

It was a heart-wrenching and entirely unnecessary loss of life, one that shattered countless dreams and futures. Today, I offer my prayers for those we lost, for those who bear the scars, and for those who continue to be impacted by that day. May their strength, resilience, and the memory of their loved ones guide us in seeking a world free from such horrors. #NeverForget #September11

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