Time to Get Fit: My Journey Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

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I’ve found myself on a rollercoaster ride when it comes to my health and fitness over the years. While I’ve often set my sights on getting in shape just in time for summer vacations, my perspective has evolved. Today, as I immerse myself in my new role at ePlus, I’ve made a conscious decision to utilize their wellness program as a catalyst for achieving a healthier weight and overall well-being, not just for the sake of looking good on the beach but for the sake of my long-term health.

One of my most effective approaches to kickstart this journey is by leveraging my inherent competitive nature to attain specific goals. I vividly recall the excitement of my early days with a Fitbit when I would push myself to reach my daily step target. Sometimes, I’d be pacing around my family room late at night just to meet that goal before the counter reset. While I don’t plan to revert to those late-night antics, the mindset remains the same: never quit, and persist until you’ve reached your goal.

My initial step, pun intended, is to increase my daily step count from my current average of around 7,000 to a solid 10,000 steps a day. Achieving this involves making the most of opportunities to walk around my neighborhood and utilizing the elliptical machine.

Staying motivated is a key factor in any fitness journey. My competitive nature will undoubtedly keep me driven, but I also recognize that each person’s motivation differs. Some find tracking progress to be their driving force, while others set up rewards or seek support from friends and family.

I’m eager to hear from others on how you are restarting your getting healthy journey. Share your own fitness journeys or offer tips in the comments section below.

I’m open to feedback, advice, or any questions you might have.

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