Those Pesky Cameras: A Reminder on Professionalism

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We’ve all been there – engrossed in a virtual meeting, multitasking on another screen, only to realize there’s more on display than we intended. Today, I want to share a real-life experience that taught me an invaluable lesson about maintaining professionalism in the digital era.

In the pre-COVID days when video conferencing was just finding its feet, I had a front-row seat to an unintentional show. Picture this: a department-wide all-hands call, a slightly early start, and my vigilant eyes switching between work and the screen. Then, it happened – a quick glance turned into disbelief as I spotted a colleague inadvertently strolling by his camera, sans shirt. Yes, you read that right. While the camera angle mercifully spared us from further details, it was a lesson well-learned for all parties involved.

Summoning my inner IT superhero, I managed to alert him through instant messaging, urging him to double-check his camera setup. As moments turned into minutes, the awkwardness unfolded before our eyes – a dash to the laptop, a hasty screen closure, and a temporary departure from the call. Eventually, he rejoined sans video, and we all collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

Reflecting on this, I realized how easily we overlook the prying eyes of our laptops’ cameras. In the rush of work, time zones, and conference calls, it’s easy to forget that little lens peering at us. And yes, I confess, I’ve had my own brush with camera mishaps, forgetting that my dress shirt was hanging after pressing it and realizing I was chatting with colleagues in just my t-shirt – certainly more casual than I intended. (That is a risk of early morning calls while traveling)

So, what’s the solution? Over the years, I’ve picked up a handy trick – adhesive tabs and Post-it notes, my trusty allies in preserving my camera’s dignity. Whether on the road or working from my home office, a little precaution goes a long way. And while these tales bring some chuckles, they also underline the importance of tech etiquette in our digital workplaces.

Remember, folks, in this world of ever-watchful cameras, a dose of awareness and a sprinkle of adhesive can save the day – and your reputation. Let’s stay smart with our tech and make sure our digital presence always reflects our professional best.

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