IT Career: Embracing the Business-Technical Balance

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Reflecting on my IT career, I realize that taking a non-technical path in my education was a deliberate choice that has shaped my professional journey. Instead of pursuing a purely technical degree, I decided to combine my existing experience in the IT field with a blend of engineering and business courses while completing my bachelor’s degree. (That’s another story – always have a plan B)

At that point, I recognized the importance of bridging the gap between technical solutions and the language of business. I understood that to truly succeed in the IT industry, it is crucial to balance the needs of the business with appropriate technological investments. This realization led me to pursue a business degree, as I believed it would enable me to effectively translate complex technical concepts into business-oriented terms.

Early on, I encountered the challenges that arise when developers interact directly with customers. I witnessed firsthand the need to adapt language and approaches to effectively communicate with diverse stakeholders. This experience served as a catalyst for my decision to pursue an MBA, rather than a technical degree. I felt that I already had a solid understanding of the technical aspects, but I recognized the potential and necessity of bridging the gap between the technical team and business customers.

As my career progressed and my responsibilities grew, I have consistently found my decision to pursue a business degree to be a wise investment. It has equipped me with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of IT projects, understand the business implications of technical decisions, and effectively communicate and collaborate with stakeholders from various backgrounds.

I firmly believe that a career in IT without a technical degree is not only possible but can offer distinct advantages. By combining a deep understanding of technology with the ability to align it with business objectives, professionals can become valuable assets in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Originally posted on LinkedIn June 13th, 2023

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