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Seeking quotes for a basement bathroom shower upgrade led me down an unexpected path. Eager to gather estimates from local contractors, I turned to a Google search, hoping to find the perfect fit for our project. What followed was a surprising revelation that shed light on the pitfalls of online contractor searches.

One website,, caught my attention with its apparent proximity to Belleville, IL— near our location. Excitedly, I completed their project details form, anticipating a callback to schedule an in-person consultation with Powell and Sons. However, a subtle twist awaited.

Upon hitting ‘Submit,’ a brief message flashed, stating that Powell and Sons had no availability in our area and that my project details would be shared with other vendors. An unforeseen turn of events was about to unfold.

In a matter of moments, my phone began to ring incessantly. One call followed another, each from a different contractor eager to take on our project. Text messages followed the calls, each one vying for our attention with promises of top-notch service. The barrage of calls persisted into the evening, only to resume promptly at 8 am the next day.

In hindsight, I can’t deny my role in the ensuing chaos. In my haste, I had overlooked a crucial step—research. Admittedly, I could have searched for complaints about on a review site, which I did after the fact and not surprisingly my experience was not unique. Despite my own oversight, my intention remains clear: I aim to spare others from similar missteps.

For those considering or embarking on a similar journey into the realm of online contractor searches, I encourage you to proceed with caution. Learn from my experience and approach each step thoughtfully, ensuring that your quest for quotes is met with informed decision-making.

To delve deeper into the journey that led to this cautionary tale, you can explore this discussion: Link to ComplaintsBoard Forum Post

May my experience serve as a guide to others, steering them away from the potential pitfalls of the uncharted territory that lies ahead. After all, the lessons we learn, though humbling, are powerful tools for future endeavors.

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