Unforgettable Interview Experiences: Embracing the Sunshine

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In the midst of today’s competitive job market, interviews have become a regular part of our lives, as many of us embark on the quest for new opportunities. The outcome of these interviews can shape our career path, making them a source of both excitement and stress.

Throughout my professional journey, there have been a few interviews that have left a lasting impression. One such instance was an engineering role I interviewed for, where I found myself in a marathon of six consecutive interviews. Surprisingly, there was no representation from HR, and even basic breaks were forgotten, including a much-needed lunch break. Though it was an arduous eight-hour experience, it allowed me to realize that the company was not the right fit for me.

On the flip side, I also cherish a delightful memory from a few years ago when I was approached for a consulting project as a senior project manager. The project was in dire need of recovery, having turned red with the customer. This strategic and substantial assignment piqued my interest. However, there was a catch—the manager wanted to interview me the next day, coinciding with my family vacation in Turks and Caicos at Beaches Resort.

Navigating the situation, I explained the circumstances and agreed to the interview during my vacation, making arrangements to find a spot with reception to ensure a smooth call. As I explored the resort’s front area, I stumbled upon a picturesque hammock on the beach, overlooking the tranquil waters. With my family enjoying the morning activities, I settled into the hammock and awaited Dave’s call.

The interview went exceptionally well, and we mutually agreed that my background and skills were an ideal fit for rescuing the project. The manager inquired about my return date to the United States to commence work on-site with the customer in California. We set a plan for me to fly out the day after returning home with my family, and thus began a successful two-year journey, culminating in the project’s triumphant completion.

Through these experiences, I’ve come to understand that interviews are opportunities to showcase our true selves and effectively communicate our personal brand. There is no need for nervousness or anxiety. By being prepared, understanding our purpose, and envisioning ourselves in a serene hammock on a beach, we can focus on delivering our message rather than being overwhelmed by the audience.

While I do have a photo of me taking that important call, it fails to capture the sheer beauty from the hammock which I captured at sunset.

So, my friends, find your own metaphorical hammock and approach your interviews with confidence. May you rock those interviews and bask in your own unique success.

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Originally posted on LinkedIn June 14th, 2023

Image credit – Jack McVickar at Beaches Resort – Turks and Caicos

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